Frequently Asked Questions

Neutron Drive is awesome! How can I shower the developers with money? Send us a donation whenever you get a chance.

What do I need an account for? An account is needed if you wish to use Neutron Beam encryption. In order to keep Neutron Beams secure, encryption keys are rotated at regular intervals. The setup process for these keys uses your account and Neutron Drive servers. Also if you wish to receive the Neutron Drive newsletter, sign up for an account.

What is Neutron Beam? Neutron Beam is a small web service which lets you edit files remotely over a network in Neutron Drive. Neutron Beam is ideal for editing files on cloud servers or other locally networked devices. To use Neutron Beam, see the Neutron Beam setup page.

"The cross platform code editor built for the cloud", What the heck does that mean? In addition to local file editing, Neutron Drive supports editing files from Google Drive or remotely with Neutron Beam. Also because Neutron Drive is built on the Google Chrome Platform, all your editor preferences are synced wherever you go.